Church Coaching: A Unique and Revolutionary Approach to Building Great Church Leaders

While the professional church leaders carry out church coaching for a local church, they expect two different outcomes: first is the change for those parishioners that will eventually get coached and changes for the coach himself or herself.  The latter is usually a shocker for the trainees as they wanted to assist others but did not give much attention to what the almighty God may be up to in their own lives. 

Church coaching prolongs to broaden its reach with more and more churches across the globe discovering the right approaches in which coaching can hand out the mission of the church, particularly concerning leadership development. In a culture endemic with transformation, an all new type of leader is growing to the top, which is culturally attentive and is not afraid to confront the status quo.

This new generation of church leaders are developing creative techniques for reaching the lost, help the poor and devotee nations. The church leaders that desire reaching to parishioners that no one is reaching have to then do things that no one is doing. A church which stays confined into its four walls cannot be a church at all rather it has to spread out and make efforts to reach the devotees wherever they are.

Dr. Jerry Johnston

Dr. Jerry Johnston, a renowned Christian pastor having the spiritual gifts of belief, teaching, leadership, evangelism and sensitivity and with a heart for pastors, the today’s youth and the Gospel, has achieved a lot as a pastoral coach, filmmaker, author, communicator and trans-media fundraiser and still making all the efforts to reach parishioners across the globe and inculcating the right techniques to help the poor, the lost and various devotee countries.

How Church Coaching Helps Devotees in Leadership Development?

Church Leadership Coaching

The almighty God has been placing the dreams in the hearts of modern-age church leaders which we might have never imagined a decade ago. These church leaders are associating with their communities in extremely creative and exceptional manners. Eventually, the leadership development tools which worked wonders in the previous years are now getting mixed outcomes. The ideas around which they were built have modified and the church requires adapting its techniques and not its message for meeting the transforming cultural requirements. Let us understand how church leadership coaching is transforming the modern-age cultural needs:

  • Church Coaching Works Inside Out Instead of Outside In:

Church Coaches

The almighty God is giving birth to the new dreams and visions in the hearts of modern-age church leaders. Church coaches also act as spiritual midwives, assisting church leaders as spanking new concepts are originated and vision radiated. Professional church coaching heaves the idea and direction from the devotees, instead of the coach imposing their perspective on the devotees. Church coaches exclaim what the Holy Spirit has sown in the hearts of the peoples of the almighty God.

  • Church Coaching Smoothens The Missional Living:

Biblical Teachings

Missional living is way more than a brand new buzzword and is a faction which is igniting across the world. For devotees that are not familiar with this term, missional living basically means espousing the outlook and life of a missionary, employing it entirely on our lives and grasping it in our orbs of power. Missional living appears to be different for each individual and relies on the cultural context, life phase and the maturity level of the devotee. Considering the huge differences in personalities and perspective of the devotees, a one-size-fits-all strategy to missional living will just not work. But the Church coaching does, as it is a highly customized strategy which concentrates on the individual just like Lord Jesus did and supports the biblical teachings.

  • Church Coaching is a Valuable Spiritual Development & Discipleship Tool:

Spiritual Growth

The key tools that the church coaches make use of for spiritual development and discipleship are taking classes, transpiring lectures, studies and much more by concentrating more on the shift of data versus the procedure of transformation. Discipleship is absolutely personal and so is church coaching.

The world is transforming speedily with every passing day and so should the church, if the church coaches ever expect to reach it. Church coaching is a tool which the almighty God has given the church for such a time like it is NOW. Then let’s make use of it to grow and launch professional church leaders.

Jerry Johnston

Dr. Jerry Johnston is passionate for Christian pastors, worked as a church planter and developed a mega-church in his hometown of Overland Park, KS. He also got chosen by world Christian leaders to work on the Board of Church Growth International from October 2005 at the invitation of Dr. Yongi Cho, pastor of the world’s biggest church (745,000 members) in the Seoul, Korea!


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